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The History of Nursing

Historical Influences The nursing profession as grown over the years.  This growth can be seen is in the way nurses’ practice, the way they are educated, and the politics climate, and the changes in society. As far back to the 1800, nurses were considered physicians helper with no autonomy.  Most of the education for nurses where conducted in the hospital…

What is nursing?

An introduction to the world of nursing Nursing is described as an art and a science. Art is a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice. Nurses learn to deliver care (wound care, assessment, foley insertion etc) artfully with compassion, caring, and respect for each patient’s dignity. As a science, nursing practice is based on a…

Why is Certification Important?

There are many benefits of being certified in your nursing specialty area Increase knowledge Increase patients’ outcomes profession credibility Increase in income Increase knowledge Study in any area will increase knowledge. Depending on there certification, they will require experience. So, if a nurse is planning on taking the ANCC Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification, they are required to have both clinical…

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