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Mission Statement

The mission of Danvers Nursing Institute is to support healthcare organizations and professionals in succeeding in their educational and professional nursing goals.

Vision Statement

To be the preferred educational institution for pre-licensed and licensed nurses, as well as healthcare organizations and nursing


Our Foundational Values and Culture

Our core principles define our company’s culture and serve as the foundation for everything Danvers Nursing Institute does each day for our clients and staff.

Our Foundational Values and Culture

Our core principles define our company’s culture and serve as the foundation for everything Danvers Nursing Institute does each day for our clients and staff.


Danvers Nursing Institute prioritizes ethics above all else since doing the right thing is the best way to achieve long-term success. Our principles and character must be impenetrable.

Research and Evidence-based Practice

Danvers Nursing Institute is constantly seeking new knowledge and using it to the benefit of our clients, colleagues, employees, and community.


Everything we do at Danvers Nursing Institute is geared around our clients’ and employees’ success.


Danvers Nursing Institute will constantly seek new and improved ways to provide possibilities for our clients, employees, and community members.


The success of Danvers Nursing Institute is contingent upon the success of our clients.   Danvers Nursing Institute measures its success based on our clients’ achievement of quantifiable goals.


With over 12 years of expertise supporting nursing students and nurses to achieve their goals, Danvers Nursing Institute has established itself as one of the most experienced institutes for auxiliary nursing education in Florida. Our company has been in operation for over seven (7) years. Danvers Nursing Institute was previously known as the Nursing Kare Learning Center. While the organization’s name changed, our commitment to providing the level of expertise, training, customer service, and mentoring required in nursing remained constant. This commitment is at the heart of our quality teaching method. The primary objective of Danvers Nursing Institute is to make high-quality nursing education and study materials accessible to all pre-licensed and licensed nurses. Over the years, we’ve developed customized lesson plans for students and nurses with learning disabilities and have a 91 percent success rate.

Dr. Perez, the founder, developed online courses for prelicensure and licensed nurses, as well as Advanced Practice Nurses, utilizing a constructivist approach to meet their educational needs. These courses are structured around the micro-lecture principle

About Us

Karen Danvers Perez_ Nurse Consultant
karen danvers prese

About the Founder

Dr. Karen Perez, a native Jamaican, earned her BSN in 2008 from Florida International University. She became an instructor at the University of Miami School of Nursing and Azure College in Miami, Florida, after working as a nurse in medical-surgical nursing, research, long-term care, and home health. From the University of Miami, she earned her MSN in nursing education, Post-Masters (APRN), and Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees. Dr. Perez taught in the BSN program at Broward Community College and is the administrator of Danvers Nursing Institute, an NCLEX prep and nursing education organization that has assisted many students in passing their exams. She is a certified ambulatory care and gerontological nurse who previously served as the Dean of Distance Learning Nursing Education at Miami Regional University. Dr. Perez was a Senior Nurse Educator at the University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, where she was in charge of the educational needs of the nurses in nine ambulatory clinics. Dr. Perez led an evidence-based practice pilot project in which prospective nursing students could access credible information online (http://nursing-ed.org/). She published Q & A Review for the ANCC Ambulatory Care Nursing Examination in 2018, Workload in Nursing in 2018, and Critical Thinking: A Concept Analysis in 2015 in Horiz Enferm Journal, as well as presenting several posters and oral presentations at conferences.

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