There are many benefits of being certified in your nursing specialty area

  • Increase knowledge
  • Increase patients’ outcomes
  • profession credibility
  • Increase in income

Increase knowledge

Study in any area will increase knowledge. Depending on there certification, they will require experience. So, if a nurse is planning on taking the ANCC Ambulatory Care Nursing Certification, they are required to have both clinical and continuing educational hours. This ensure that the nurse is competent to working and have a certification in that specialty. The number and types of continuing education differ based on they types of certification.

Increase patients’ outcomes 

Nurses who are certified tend to have better patient outcome based on the clinical hours working in the specialty and their ability demonstrate the skills needed to effectively administer nursing care.

Increase credibility

Having a specialty certification will give both your organization and patients the sense of the quality of work you can do. They will trust and believed in your abilities

Increase income

Currently, due to COVID, there is a demand for nurses. Nurses are getting more due to the demand. Along with the clinical experience, have a specialty certification would increase your of being hired and increase your earning potential.

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