Why Pursue an APRN degree after a DNP?

Making the decision in which program or school to attend can be very challenging. The decision to go back to school or choosing a program is mulitfaceted and is based on the learners professional goal and the time to commit to the work load. Dr. Karen Danvers Perez went back because she believed it would give her more teaching opportunities in the academic world.

Most DNP Prepared nurses work in the clinical setting, administrative, or as faculty. Most universities will not hire an online nursing faculty without a doctoral degree. So, for Dr. Karen Danvers Perez, having a DNP is a huge advantage.

Some universities will have their APRN instructors teach undergrad or clinics / lab section of a course only. In addition, APRNs work in the hospitals, private clinics, rehab centers, and long term care facilities just to name a few.

First, you must figure out what is your end goal. Do you want to teach, do you want to practice clinically or do you want to do both?

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