Learn how to stay on top of all your projects without losing your mind! These nursing school organization tips are amazing!

Nursing School Organization Tips

These three tips will help you sail through nursing school and prevent you from forgetting about an important test or assignment.

#1 Print Out Every Single Syllabus

As soon as you get your syllabus, print it out. Do this for every single class.

Then, look for all the deadlines of all the assignments, tests, and quizzes. Put all of these deadlines on a calendar.

You can use a printed calendar for this, a datebook or planner, or you can put this into your Google or Apple calendar. Use the option that you will look at and reference the most.

After you do this for all of your classes, take a look at your calendar and understand what is expected of you this semester.

Pay attention to when things are due, especially if you have multiple things due on (or around) the same day. Try to plan and get things done ahead of time so you aren’t stressing out and trying to cram it all in one day.

One mistake I made in nursing school was assuming that the nursing professors talked to each other and wouldn’t schedule too many exams and assignments at the same time. Boy was I wrong!

#2 Plan Study Times

Next, analyze what is expected of you – when your exams and essays are due – and actually plan out when you are going to study for them.

Nursing school is not the type that allows you to just cram for an exam the night before. There is too much expected of you and you have to know too much information for this to work.

For example, if you have a big exam on Friday and a quiz on Wednesday, you should plan to study on Sunday. Split it up so you study 30 minutes for the quiz and an hour for the exam. Do this throughout the week.

One thing that planning your study times does for you to decrease your stress levels. When you are less stressed about cramming too much information into your brain, you are able to focus and actually learn it more effectively.

#3 Organize Your Study Space

Finally, organize your study space so that you can quickly reference things when you need to. This includes your physical study space like your desk and your electronic space – such as your computer.

Don’t waste time searching for things. Keep things in an orderly system that you can use in just seconds. The more organized you keep your stuff, the less time you waste searching for stuff.

Remember to organize your computer’s files too. Create a different file folder for each course so you know exactly where to look.

There is a lot to organize in nursing school. Be proactive and before school even starts, create file folders for each class on your desk and computer. This time investment will pay off all year long!

Final Thoughts

These nursing school organization tips will benefit you your entire life. You will take these skills into your job as a nurse. The more organized and systematic you can keep your daily habits, the more efficient and less stressed you will be.

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