How can Nurses get Involved:

▪Being educated on issues that affect their practice

▪Attend Town Hall meetings


▪Encourage other nurses to get involved

▪Visit / email or call senators and representatives offices

▪Understanding basic government structure and responsibilities.

Nurses Advocating for their Patients

Nurses advocate for their patients on a regular basis by:

▪Speaking up on committees or councils on issues that ensures safety

▪Being a resource

▪Making patient care a priority

▪Vote on issues that affect healthcare

▪Supporting professional organizations that represent nurses.

▪Becoming a member of a professional nursing organization

What is the constitution

▪The United States Constitution is a written document that is held as the supreme law of the United States

▪The main purpose of the constitution is to create a government

▪It contains 3 articles: Legislative (article 1), Executive(article 2) , and Judiciary (article 3)

Election Day

▪November of every even-numbered year

▪The primary election is held 10 weeks before the general election

▪The General Election to fill a:

▪Nation ▪State ▪County, or ▪District Office

▪Special Election can be called at any time of the year

Vote-by-Mail Ballot

▪Individuals who are overseas or out of state can do a vote-by-mail

▪The deadline to send ballots is 45 days before the election.

▪For domestic voters, the ballots should be sent 28 -35 days before the election

How to request a Vote-by-Mail Ballot


▪In writing

▪In person

▪By telephone Deadline to request a vote-by-mail ballot is no later than 5 pm

Check your state for exact date and time for voting and voting laws.

Early Voting Period

Early voting is approximately 8 days in Florida (may differ based on state law):

▪Primary Election: August 15 -22

▪General Election: October 24 – 31

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