Steps to Complete a Substantive Discussion

•Read the discussion question

•Read / review the rubric

•Complete the reading of the week

•Start writing your discussion (in a word document)

•Check for correct citations and grammar

•Copy and paste in the discussion forum

•Respond to your peers

Read Question Asked

Purpose: What question or required reading are you being asked to respond to?

Particulars: What is the word limit? When is the due date and time? What sources are you expected to draw on?

Response type: Are you being asked to reflect on personal experience, determine a solution to a problem, compare two ideas, or make an argument?

Formatting: What formatting has your instructor requested? If no specific formatting is indicated, follow general APA guidelines

Expectations: How will your discussion post be assessed? Consult your course materials or instructor.

Read the Discussion Question

•It is very important for students to read and understand the discussion question asked.

Review the Rubric

If available, review the rubric prior to starting writing your discussion

Complete Assignment Readings First

•Complete the assigned readings before writing your post.

•As you’re reading, make connections between the text and your own life.

•Immerse yourself in the readings so when you’re ready to begin writing, you’ll be fully prepared to present an authentic, meaningful response.

•Review your instructor’s feedback on previous assignments to make sure you follow all expectations.

Start Writing Your Discussion

•Use word document

•Develop a strong argument and support your statements with evidence from the course materials.

•In other words: research, research, research and cite, cite, cite.

•The way a healthcare organization is structured will be determined by tax, organizational and governance and liability issues (Williams & Torrens, Robey, 2015).

• Do something extra that requires others to think and respond to the ideas you’re sharing.

•Format for discussion postings

•Introduction, answer to question(s), and conclusion

Citations, Reference, & Grammar

•Make sure to check all spelling and grammar.

•Include citations where needed.

•If you have a citation in text, it should be in your reference.

•The way a healthcare organization is structured will be determined by tax, organizational and governance and liability issues (Williams & Torrens, Robey, 2015).


Williams, T. S, Torrens, P., & Robey D. (2015). Introduction to health services (8th ed.),

   Delmar series in health services administration). Albany, NY: Delmar.

Peer Response

•Post your response, engage with your classmates, and continue to ask follow-up questions.

•What can I write that will add value to the discussion?

•Your posting should be substantive.

Social Media Postings  VS. Scholarly Discussion Postings

Higher Ed. Discussion ForumFacebookInstagramSnapchatTWITTER
Word countYESNOMinimalMINIMAL240
Citation/ReferenceRequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNot Required

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